North Effects

The Warp


"A whatnow?"

A Vorg Warp Sound. Late 70s pedal of Japanese origin. An obscure one, for sure - that is until it was spotted on one of Kevin Shields' enormous pedal boards.

"OK, interested. What's it do?"

It's an active EQ, in practice not a million miles from finding that resonant sweet spot in you wah's sweep and leaving it there. Only quite a bit more so.

There's an "Output" control for the level and an "Envelope" control for setting the centre frequency (again, much like the pot in your wah). In addition, the original had an internal trimmer to control the inter-stage level (or drive, if you prefer), allowing you to add a healthy sprinkling of distortion. Much too useful to leave stashed away inside the pedal - it's now up top as an external control.

"Show me the money."

As I say, it's basically yer parked wah, but more so. On its own it's a handy way of adding some very bulbous mid-range boost when you want to cut through. Where it really comes into its own, though, is piping it into a fuzz pedal to really kick it into stranger and more blown out territory.